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Crystal Starter - Pack of 7

Crystal Starter - Pack of 7

A set of seven crystal tumblestone's, perfect for any beginner. 

What's included; 


Helps with intuition and insight whilst relieving stress and anxiety. 


Clear Quartz-

Amplifies properties of other crystals, whilst cleansing and balancing




Absorbs negative energies. Grounding and detoxifying.



Aid prosperity, self esteem and self image. Promote clarity of thinking.


Rose Quartz-

Is a stone of unconditional love, kindness and compassion.



Bakances and stabilises energies. Promotes clarity of thinking, enhances creativity and calms.


Black Tournmaline- 

Absorbs negativity whilst providing protection and cleansing negative emotions.

We will also include information on how to use the crystals, what they are best for and how to charge their energies. 

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